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Istanbul city open its gates to Jewish people from all over the world when they run away from holocaust now there are pretty much number of Jewish population in Istanbul city as well as synagogues.

Some of them will be seen on tour as below;


Ashkenazi synagogue

Ashkenazi located in Karakoy just 50 meters below neighborhood of Beyoglu in Istanbul, Turkey. It is the only currently active Ashkenazi synagogue in Istanbul open to visits to prayers. The synagogue was founded by Jews whom run from Austrian in 1900. It is also the last remaining synagogue for Ashkenaz. Ashkenazi has around 500 members on nowadays.


Ahrida synagogue

Ahrida was built by greek jews, Sefardic jews from Ohri started to use and now only place to pray for Jewish Sabbatean movement. It is renovated by Quincentennial Foundation Museum.


Galata Tower

Tower was built in 528 by Byzantium people, that tower destroyed in 1204 by crusades and in 1348 it is rebuilt by the name ‘Christ tower’ that tower can see all old city peninsula, new city and vicinity therefore it is used as watching tower then


Museum of 500.Year - The Quincentennial Foundation Museum

Museum reflects best living style and history of Jewish people in Turkey. It was Zulfaris synagogue and converted to museum


Neve Shalom synagogue

Neve Shalom means Peace Oasis, Turkish jews synagogue which is Sephardic synagogue in Istanbul.  Neve Shalom serves highly Bar Mitzvahs, funerals and weddings.


Etz-Ahayım Synanogue

Etz-Ahayim synagogue is located in Ortakoy.  Etz-Ahayim means the Tree of Life

  • Askenazi Synanogue Ahrida Synanogue Galata Tower The Quincentennial Foundation Museum Neve Shalom Synanogue Etz-Ahayım Synanogue